About IndianWolf Studios


Welcome to our website! IndianWolf Studios is a two-person indie studio that creates board games, card games, playing cards, and digital games.

If you haven’t met us yet, we are Jason and Antonietta Johnson, a husband and wife team with a passion for game design, art, and creativity!

Jason is an experienced freelance professional and a game enthusiast.

Antonietta is a professional artist, illustrator, and designer.

Together, we are a great team! \(^_^)/

We are excited to continue our journey creating more projects and games with the growing support of our amazing fans.

Welcome and thank you for joining us on our journey!!!

What experience do we have?

We have successfully launched and fulfilled multiple Kickstarter projects. We performed many roles and acquired many skills during the process:

  • Designing, developing, and coordinating projects.
  • Acquiring partnerships with manufacturers and fulfillment partners.
  • Raising funds.
  • Fielding, resolving, ensuring, and forging strong communication with our customers.
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading products, communications, and content.
  • Being creative and innovative.
  • And so much more…

Team of two. What does that mean?

We are dedicated to, involved in, invested in, and oversee every step of our project.

Since we are involved in all the work, it means that we might be a little slower in getting out new releases than larger companies. However, it also means that:

  • We treat every step and every release with love and care so that we can bring our best to our supporters.
  • We sincerely and personally listen and respond to each and every one of you. (And we love receiving messages and feedback from you).
  • We are learning/improving and growing every day!

Our Team

Waving pixel guy in orange Hawaiian shirt labeled Jason Chief Wizard.
Jason is an experienced freelance professional, game designer, and a video and board game enthusiast. As an Independent Software Design, Development, and QA Professional, Jason has experience designing & developing software, managing teams, budgeting projects, communicating with clients, performing manual & automated testing, and exceeding healthy levels of sleep deprivation. (~_^)
Waving pixel girl with long brown hair labeled Antonietta Fazio-Johnson Color Summoner.
Antonietta is a professional artist, illustrator, and designer with a fine arts degree in studio art. During her career, Antonietta has taught for arts programs, honed her skills as a batik fiber artist, and freelanced as a digital artist and graphic designer.
Pixel grey cat, orange cat, tuxedo cat, and black lab dog.
Ayden, Ciara, Matoko, Kaya contribute to a happier, healthier, furrier, and more productive work environment. This furry support crew is responsible for warming chairs, inspecting boxes, and tracking meal times.
Image of pixel person outline labeled You Awesome Fan.
You. (^_^) Yes, you. Your feedback, ratings, reviews, and shoutouts (i.e. spreading the word about our projects) helps us reach a larger audience. Your support is critical for a small indie company. We appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you! (^_^)

We would love to
hear from you!

We usually respond within 48hrs. If we haven’t responded, a gremlin has eaten your email. Roll a D6 to defeat the gremlin and complete the following steps: 1. Please check your junk folder. 2. Please try contacting us again. (~_^)

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