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Koinobori Fusion Playing Cards

Koinobori Fusion is a playful koinobori-themed deck featuring 54-unique, fully custom, poker-sized playing cards with full bleed art. Each month/rank connects to form a scene! A cute, colorful, cheerful deck about the celebration of children, hope for the future, and a reminder to fight the currents and keep on swimming! >^)))彡

Play all of your favorite games with one deck! Koinobori Fusion is a multipurpose hanafuda/poker deck that can be used to play both Eastern and Western games.

With standard poker indices, hanafuda imagery, and custom indices, the Fusion deck is also a great deck for learning and teaching hanafuda!

Printed by Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) on Classic Finish, a premium playing card stock with a linen finish. The tuck features holographic effect foil on a synthetic tuck stock for colorful, shiny, durable awesomeness!

Includes a bonus 24-page, full-color, Chaffs & Grains rules booklet. A fun precision trick-taking game for 2-4 players. (Up to 8 with 2 decks).

Koinobori Fusion (Hanafuda-Poker) Playing Cards Deck + Bonus Full-Color Rules Booklet for Chaffs & Grains | First Edition | Limited


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  • 54 uniquely illustrated cards
  • Full-bleed art!
  • Each month/rank forms a connected scene!
  • Cute original artwork by Antonietta >
  • First Edition – Limited Print Quantity
  • Standard Poker Size (2.5″ x 3.5″) (63mm x 88mm)
  • Poker Indices & our Hanafuda Fusion Indices
  • Can be used to play both Eastern and Western games
  • Printed in PRC by Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC)
  • Classic Finish (premium playing card stock with linen finish)
  • Custom Sideways Tuck!
  • Holographic effect Foil on Tuck (Colorful shiny awesomeness!)
  • Smooth Synthetic Tuck Stock! (Soft and durable!)
  • Bonus booklet for Chaffs & Grains, a precision trick-taking game! 2-4 players. (Up to 8 with 2 decks).


What are koinobori?
Koinobori are carp streamers/windsocks that are traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Children’s Day. Why carp? Because they are strong willed and spirited fish. (Sound like any children you know?) (^_~)

This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter with the support of our amazing backers!

Our Koinobori Fusion deck combines standard poker indices, hanafuda imagery, and custom-designed hanafuda indices into a multipurpose deck that can be used to play both Eastern and Western games.

The card ranks correspond to the hanafuda months (A = January, 2 = February, 3 = March, and so on). Our hanafuda indices indicate the flower (Pine, Plum, Cherry, Wisteria, and so on) and type of each card (Bright, Ten, Ribbon, Chaff).

These helpful indices also make the Fusion deck a great way to learn and teach hanafuda.

Hanafuda (known in Korea as ‘Hwatu’) are pipless, symbolism-rich, floral-themed playing cards that are popular in Japan, Korea, and Hawaii.

Hanafuda decks have 12 suits. Each suit is represented by a month of the year (e.g. June) and each month is represented by a flower (e.g. peony).

Hanafuda can be used to play numerous games, including traditional classics such as Koi-Koi, Hachi-Hachi (88), Go-Stop, and many many more.

Hanafuda are typically smaller and thicker than Western playing cards, however, our deck uses standard poker-sized cards so you can enjoy the rich detailed art.

Want to learn how to play more hanafuda games?
Check out Hanafuda Games, our comprehensive 37-game, 236-page, color rulebook.

Hanami Edition: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

Sensu Edition: Amazon & Barnes & Noble

Note: Both the Sensu and Hanami editions of the Hanafuda Games rulebook have the same text content.
Note: Yes, these cards can be used to play all of the games in our Hanafuda Games rulebook.

Every Koinobori Fusion deck will include a 24-page, 2.5” x 3.5”, saddle-stitched, full-color rule booklet for Chaffs & Grains.

Chaffs & Grains is a strategic precision trick-taking game that we designed. A fun bidding game that can be played with 2-4 people (or up to 8 with two decks).

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