Koinobori Playing Cards Launching Soon

Four koinobori fusion playing cards with hanafuda indices and poker indices. The 9 september sake cup with chrysanthemum blossoms, the 10 brown deer with maple leaves, 8 moon with a big white moon, and the Jack with a reddish-pink swallow and willow leaves.

Hello everyone! We hope you are doing well and staying healthy! We are excited to tell you about a fun new project we have in the works!

Koinobori Playing Cards header text with animals (crane, deer, frog, boar, cuckoo).
Colorful Koinobori hanafuda-poker playing cards with whimsical animals.

✿ Two Unique Formats! ✿ Two New Games! ✿ Adorable Art!

Koinobori Hanafuda

Mockup of Koinobori hanafuda's clamshell yellow box with koi fish, deer, frog, boar, flowers, and leaf design.
Five koinobori hanafuda playing cards. Labeled deer, sake, cuckoo, crane, and butterfly.
Hanafuda fans, you asked and we listened….

✿  Thick Plastic Mini-Sized Cards

✿  Durable, waterproof, and that satisfying ‘snap’ when you throw down those cards!

✿  Two-Piece Box

✿  New Game! Capture the Flag

koinobori hanafuda card textured back mockup with raised fish and waves on thcik plastic playing cards

Koinobori Fusion

Mockup of side-open tuckbox with shiny holofoil of koi fish, deer, frog, boar, flowers, and leaf design on a white tuck.
Our popular Fusion format….

✿  Classic Finish Poker-Sized Cards

✿  Premium Playing Card Stock with Linen Finish

✿  Soft Synthetic Tuck Stock with Shiny Holofoil!

✿  Fusion indices to make it easier to learn and teach hanafuda.

✿  Multipurpose for playing both Eastern and Western games.

✿  New Game! Chaffs & Grains

Playing card size comparion for Koinobori Fusion and Hanafuda.

Expected Launch Date:

To Be Determined. We will send out a mailing to our subscribers when we set the launch date. (^_^)

Comparison of two Koinobori game booklets. On left is a blue booklet for Chaffs and Grains (a strategic precision trick-taking game) and on right is a green booklet for Capture the Flag (a capture game with a twist).


Will there be a Koinobori version of your 37-game Hanafuda Games rulebook?
We are considering it. If you would like to see one, let us know in the comments!!!

January Pine card month from Koinobori Hanafuda playing cards. Represented by a hand-drawn whimsical crane, pines, and a dark pink ribbon on a yellow background.
September Chrysanthemum card month from Koinobori Hanafuda playing cards. Represented by a hand-drawn style. Sake cup, chrysanthemums, and a purple ribbon on a pale green background.
October Maple card set from Koinobori Hanafuda represented with deer, purple ribbon, and maple leaves.

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Have a wonderful day (^_^)
Jason & Antonietta

*Note: Koinobori is still in the design phase. The images shown are prototypes and mockups. The actual product is subject to change.

Picture of Jason & Antonietta (IndianWolf Studios)

Jason & Antonietta (IndianWolf Studios)

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