Adventures with Yokai: The Morning Commute

A snowy scene with a snow covered bridge with betobeto-san's footprints in the snow, cattails in the forground, and mountains in the background.

After you Betobeto-san!

We were going to start with a different group of yokai, but they all insisted on letting Betobeto-san go first.


Betobeto-san enjoys following lone strangers on long walks down narrow dark lanes. When you hear the footsteps of an invisible follower trailing behind you at night, step to the side and say, “After you, Betobeto-san” and the footsteps will pass you by and quickly move out of earshot.

Two Joker cards from the Night Parade Fusion playing cards. A snow covered brigde spanning water with footprints in the snow, cattails in the forground, and mountains in the background.

Adventures with Yokai: The Morning Commute

In the dark hours before dawn, a young fishmonger was on her way to the docks. It was a cold and windy morning fit for neither man nor fish. As the fishmonger ambled toward the coast she heard the sound of wooden geta on the cobbles. Beto… Beto….

She stopped to listen. There was only the low howl of the wind.

But, as she began to walk again, the sound ensued. Beto… Beto… Beto.

Frightened, she hastened her pace.

The sound pursued, quickening to match her. Beto. Beto. Beto. Beto.

She turned, ready to confront the pursuer.

No one was there!

Hesitant, she took two more steps backwards. Beto. Beto.


Then, another step. Beto.

Just a deserted sea of snow and moonlight….

…and… not one, but two sets of footprints in the snow!

Her shoulders relaxed. “Ah, forgive me, Betobeto-san,”  she bowed to the invisible stranger, stepping aside to let him pass, “after you.”

Beto. Beto. Beto. Beto.

The footsteps passed by quickly, vanishing into the darkness.

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ La Fin ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Thanks for reading! (^_^)
Jason and Antonietta

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Jason & Antonietta (IndianWolf Studios)

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